Today is the last day of 2011 blah blah .. want to thank everyone who made this year less worse..

I’ll probably forget someone so I’m not putting everybody on this list.

Thank you:

Alice: For all our conversations, for all your love and kindness.. I love you! And I couldn’t even imagine my life without you <3 You are so gorgeous! And we will watch movies and be bffs! Haha wait for me Alice! ANNND I’M SENDING YOUR LETTER/CARD ASA I GET HOME xxxx ly

David: You are an awesome friend! I love you so much! Thank you for all your attention and your jokes :)

Gunner: OMG Gunner thank you for being always there for me! I love you so much and our conversations are so awkward! haha Thank you!

Nathaniel: Hm I think I should thank you for being my handsome husband and for giving me seven gorgeous kids! Haha I love you! And I’ll visit you in Cali some day.

Eve: My gorgeous friend! I love you Eve! You are so funny and happy and sometimes you scare me but you are always in a good mood. I hope you have an amazing year :)

Robert: You are seriously the kindest and loveliest person I have ever talked around here. You are smart, calm and gorgeous. Your blog is one of my favourites and i love talking to you! x

Ian: Ian, you really look like Liam Payne from One Direction, haha joke. You are so kind! Remember when I sent you a message telling you you intimidated me? And you were so lovely to me :) Thank you very much for everything! You are really special for me xx

Katy: Haha thank you for all your compliments! I don’t really think I deserve, but thank you! You are lovely and your blog is flawless! 


So yeah thank you to everybody who talked to me this year and i love you all! xx

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